fascination blog to start

Here's to starting a fascination blog, where I will post all things that I find to FASCINATE ME (atm) and seeing where this goes. Things like fashion and nail trends, a bunch of pictures of nail art, #ootd ( Outfit of the day), what makeup I am using, blah blah blah.  And probably a lot of food pics, since I have a natural reflex of taking pictures of all my meals before I eat it. My smartphone hard drive hates me. If I see you and we take a picture it might end up on here. I am making an ode to myself to do it and also to meet some other killa cool people on the internet. 

I have been creeping around and I am always fascinated to see a popular blog and go to their first post to see how they got started. I have nothing to report on this, but here goes mine. 

In 140 characters or less, I just moved back to the US from being a #girlboss in Bangkok. There I ran a design department for 5 countries all based out of Thailand. I had a superstar design team and I miss them very much. I will most definitely have frequent 'OMG, I MISS THAILAND' posts, and almost too many throwback Thailand pictures. Ok? Cool. Oh and graphic design posts too. 

( I know that was definitely more than 140 characters but I gotta practice for hxc twittering somewhere)