Some Pro-Aging Habits You Might be Doing

Jumping on this anti-aging wagon because everything I see is telling us we are getting too old too fast yada yada yada youth is everything. Anyway, I am here in this anti-aging fast lane and didn't even know it. So join me in the commuter lane as I find out some habits we might all be doing to pro-age ourselves faster than nature wanted us to.

We all know smoking can cause smoker lines hence the duh-name people call it by. But it is essentially the repeated puckering of our lips that can causes ‘smoker’ lines. Ahhhhh think about all the things your lips had puckered for? Bathroom selfies, group selfies, selfies plus making that duckface with your pink moto razr!!! Stop taking those duckface photos now! There is science to back that (hopefully) retired trend now. Drinking out of water and wine bottles is another offender that I am guilty of. And I assume drinking straws are a no go as well. So let’s be more mindful of what we pucker for and try to drink out of a glass like a classy mofo instead. Hopefully resting bitchface has replaced duckface by now so we can all prolong our forever youth in selfies. 

Another beauty habit that is neutralizing your anti-aging routine is getting anything waxed on your face. Especially that skin around your eyes..ahem your eyebrows. The skin around your eyes is the thinnest skin on our face. So thin you can see dark circles after one night of partying on no-sleep. So this one makes complete sense because we all know how gentle waxing is to our skin. IT IS NOT and IT HURTS. I don’t know what you should do if you love waxing your brows, but there are definitely alternative ways to groom the hairs on your face in 2016. Everyone should ask google. There are so many, I promise.

One thing that I can tell you though is that a diet rich in healthy fats and protein is way better to prevent aging than a diet in low-fat and high in sugar. Sugar is the main killer here. Not only is it aging us way faster than we need to, but too much sugar can contribute to other health issues as we get older. The only thing I would stress to do is to look up the ingredients labels. You will be floored with the amount of sugar you didn’t even know you were consuming.

And please don’t be fooled by green juices that are popping up everywhere. I cannot stress how important it is to read the ingredients label and then doing the math on how much sugar is really in one serving. That alone will shock you. Since most juice bottles serve a maximum of 2, you need double the number that is listed on each ingredient accordingly. For example, I had blindly grabbed a green juice from Trader Joe's because it was green and it mentioned it had spirulina in it which I love to indulge in when I’m feeling I need that extra health in my life. And when I got home and started to drink it, I was shocked at how sweet it had tasted! Low and behold, it listed 28g of sugar in one serving, multiplied by 2 … I just drank 56 grams of sugar which is an estimated equivalence to 14 teaspoons of sugar!!!!!!! WTF! WTF Trader Joe's!!! Who puts 14 teaspoons of sugar/sweetener on anything without horror?!

So there, if you made it this far, you are awesome. Share these tricks with someone you want to look younger with today. And seriously, just check the sugar content in some of your normal everyday items you eat and let me know what you find out!

tl/dr: stop puckering your lips, waxing your face, and eating too much sugar.


How to Take Advantage of This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces with Crystals ft. Crystal Inspired Nail Art

It is full moon season again and you know what that means… It’s time to let some shady shit go. Here is your guide for these Full Moon Friday Vibes coming in your way! 

Full Moon energies are all about finally seizing the opportunity to purge, to release and to let go of things in order to help you move forward with your dreams and desires without any fears and feelings of doubt. And with the helping hand of Pisces energy in this Friday’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, it might be about that time we let go of some of our fears and take that risk on love for once! So open up your heart chakras and feel free to grab a crystal or two to hold onto during this epic Full Moon love ride. Below are some crystals that you might wanna know about to help elevate all your future good choices in life starting today, and now, and forever.

Rose Quartz aka The Love Stone inspired manicure

Rose Quartz aka The Love Stone inspired manicure

Rose Quartz, that pink stone that can promote all those warm and fuzzy feelings, is a stone for every type of love. Whether it is unconditional love for your fur babies and/or romantic soulmate crushes and/or your platonic love for kale juice, this LOVE STONE will enhance all these feelings of love in any situation. And don’t forget to love the most important person in your mirror everyday...Yeah YOU! #selflove. Don’t ever forget to love yourself, because being you is already enough!

Dreamy Celestite aka The 'Everything Will Be OK' Stone inspired manicure

Dreamy Celestite aka The 'Everything Will Be OK' Stone inspired manicure

Celestite is a good crystal to have when you go forward in the direction of your dreams and go about those risk-taking moments in life. It’s like that friend you have that says, everything is going to be OK. So speaking about finally taking that risk in your upcoming love life, Celestite can be the perfect crystal to have and hold onto for encouragement. Also being blue and dreamy, it can help open up your throat chakra, giving you the power to speak up and go talk to your crush and/or go ask for that raise you deserve! And if all of this is giving you too much excitement, go grab yourself a smooth and soothing smoky quartz crystal to ground yourself.

Smoldering Smoky Quartz aka The 'Keep Your Cool' Stone inspired manicure

Smoldering Smoky Quartz aka The 'Keep Your Cool' Stone inspired manicure

With all these adrenaline fuel decisions we may be encountering under this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, the Smoky Quartz is a great grounding crystal to help you keep your cool. Emotionally, smoky quartz can help you overcome those last minute feelings of negative doubt and jealousy that might erupt when you are trying to go forward in the direction of your dreams. The ombre aesthetic of the stone is just a play off its healing powers of transforming negative feelings into positive ones. So grab a smoky quartz to help maintain those confident feelings of inner strength and courage that you already knew you had in you ;) #stayslaying.

fascination blog to start

Here's to starting a fascination blog, where I will post all things that I find to FASCINATE ME (atm) and seeing where this goes. Things like fashion and nail trends, a bunch of pictures of nail art, #ootd ( Outfit of the day), what makeup I am using, blah blah blah.  And probably a lot of food pics, since I have a natural reflex of taking pictures of all my meals before I eat it. My smartphone hard drive hates me. If I see you and we take a picture it might end up on here. I am making an ode to myself to do it and also to meet some other killa cool people on the internet. 

I have been creeping around and I am always fascinated to see a popular blog and go to their first post to see how they got started. I have nothing to report on this, but here goes mine. 

In 140 characters or less, I just moved back to the US from being a #girlboss in Bangkok. There I ran a design department for 5 countries all based out of Thailand. I had a superstar design team and I miss them very much. I will most definitely have frequent 'OMG, I MISS THAILAND' posts, and almost too many throwback Thailand pictures. Ok? Cool. Oh and graphic design posts too. 

( I know that was definitely more than 140 characters but I gotta practice for hxc twittering somewhere)